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Growth in Tech?

Software Agency operating since 2006

Polcode is a custom software development company that has been on the market since 2006. The company has successfully completed over 1400 international projects, mainly for clients based in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. Polcode offers IT solutions and technological consulting in the area of web application development and IT systems maintenance, thanks to a strong expertise in working in the team augmentation model. With many years of experience in executing complex projects for the eCommerce industry, the company has earned the trust of both SMEs and larger, well-known brands. At the start of collaboration with Digitalkod, the organization employed over 150 people.

Challenge: Linking Marketing with Business Growth 

Like the rest of the IT industry in Poland and abroad, the Software Development Company faced challenges resulting from the recession. The market situation posed a need to increase the efficiency of marketing and sales activities while simultaneously optimizing costs and navigating an unfavorable market environment, eliminating inefficiencies and lack of control over marketing activities, and the unpredictability of the sales process including acquiring new clients. It was crucial for the management that decisions taken were optimal for business, justified by data, and that planned changes would not undermine the value system that Polcode had built over nearly two decades of the company’s operation.

Solution: Marketing Audit and Business Advisory for the Management

An audit in the form of a marketing helicopter view conducted by an experienced digital consultant provided the company’s management with the necessary data to assess the situation. It helped to identify marketing problems and the root causes behind them, evaluate the effectiveness of the actions already taken, and, thanks to the recommendations presented, also provided insights enabling the determination of priorities and an action plan. After completing the diagnosis and the management decided to entrust Digitalkod with building a new in-house marketing team and further support the organization in areas related to strategic planning and IT marketing management.

Meanwhile, before the recruitment and onboarding of the new team, the marketing consultant (in the interim CMO model) managed the work of an external agencies and collaborated with the Head of Sales to optimize the activities and processes already being carried out and worked closely with the CEO and Board members, to build frameworks for more structured activities supporting business and strategic goals.

Results: Planning and Strategic Actions Oriented Towards Goals

With the support of the business consultant from Digitalkod, Polcode’s Executive team developed a mission and vision for the company, formulated significant objectives, goals, and directions for further development, and a strategic plan for the organization.

Simultaneously, a new marketing team was formed, to which a manager and specialist joined.

The Polcode team is actively working on the gradual implementation of activities aimed at achieving the set business, marketing, and sales goals, as well as a series of operational improvements enabling more data-driven operations, better alignment of marketing and sales activities, building processes, and increasing the effectiveness of the activities conducted.

Every change at the organizational level is a process, but thanks to the engagement of the CEO, and the leadership team, their openness to changes and systematic work, the results are already visible after the first few months of collaboration.

Process: Diagnosis, Consulting, and Building the B2B Marketing Team


  • analysis of marketing activities and workshops for the Software Development Company,

  • coordination of the marketing team building process (and Recruitment Process Outsourcing),

  • marketing consulting for the team,

  • fractional CMO –  interim marketing management during the transition period and formation of the new team.

Collaborating with Anna Kreiser from Digitalkod has repeatedly exceeded my expectations. I have never before seen someone from outside the company add such value in such a short time. Thanks to Digitalkod, we finally formulated our final mission and vision and planned marketing activities that align with them.

Anna Kreiser’s experience is invaluable. Thanks to her expertise and commitment, Anna quickly gains the trust of the management team. She is excellent at integrating various perspectives. She finds her way well in complex organizational structures and seeks solutions that fit into a broader context. She understands many technical aspects, is familiar with technologies and software production processes. What sets her apart is the fact that she can motivate the management team to get involved collectively in marketing efforts. Her remarks are apt, and her questions prompt consideration of a broader perspective. The result is phenomenal. I understand the role and possibilities of marketing and what objectives we should set for it much better.

It is also significant that during our collaboration, Anna served all her expertise packaged with kindness, incredible engagement, proactivity, and a sense of humor. She is someone you simply want to work with and develop a company.

I wish all consulting services were provided at the high level that Digitalkod ensures.

Wojciech Hyzopski

CEO, Polcode

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