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Miquido’s success story: Increasing the efficiency of the lead generation process for a software agency. Marketing helicopter view done right.

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Miquido: One of the Top Software Development Companies in the World

Miquido is a well-established software agency with an international reach. They rank 3rd globally among the top Flutter app development firms on Clutch and fifth overall in the category of custom software development. In 2016, the company was recognized by Deloitte as a “Rising Star” of the CEE region and received an honorable mention at the 2018 Google I/O.

For over 12 years now, Miquido has been supporting clients from both the enterprise segment and fast-growing startups in developing mobile apps and using innovation to drive business growth. At the beginning of our cooperation, the company had 260 specialists on board and an impressive track record of working with scaleups and bigger corporations such as Warner Music Group, Dolby, Skyscanner, Aviva, BNP Paribas, TUI, PZU, and Brainly.

Challenge: Increasing the efficiency of the lead generation process for a software agency

Similarly to other fast-scaling tech companies, Miquido faced challenges connected to streamlining their internal processes, including those related to B2B marketing and continuing to boost the efficiency and profitability of their marketing operations.

The Head of Growth contacted Digitalkod in an effort to solve issues with the B2B lead generation process for a software development company, the low diversity of their sales lead generation sources, and the underperformance of their marketing operations in these areas. For technology firms, the acquisition of clients that is process-oriented, predictable, and cost-optimized is a typical challenge.

The Client was looking for answers to some critical questions – some of which we commonly receive from tech companies. These relate to how to:

  • generate more revenue for tech companies

  • improve the acquisition of new customers

  • increase the ROI of marketing activities

  • improve marketing-sales alignment and optimize processes

  • improve the quality of leads on top of increasing their number

  • diversify lead acquisition sources and increase the predictability of sales efforts

  • attract bigger clients while maintaining an optimal cost of operations

  • acquire sales-qualified leads in a way that keeps up with the growth of the business

  • increase the effectiveness of IT marketing and sales cooperation in a way that supports achieving long-term business goals

These notions frequently cross the minds of B2B marketers and C-level executives in tech businesses, and they represent a regular obstacle in the IT industry. While working together, we could not have overlooked the importance of the economic situation in the world. The ongoing economic recession and its potential impact on the performance and effectiveness of sales in the upcoming year were additional factors that we had to take into consideration while planning and strategizing.

Solution: marketing analysis and consulting services for a software company

Management chose to cooperate with our strategic consulting company with the intention of improving B2B lead generation efficiency through marketing and sales operations. Over the course of more than a decade in business, Miquido has launched numerous marketing campaigns in Poland and abroad using a range of platforms and communication channels. Their marketing team consisted of 17 people when we started working together. Our consultant began the collaboration with a marketing audit due to the scope of Miquido’s activities and after carefully examining the needs and expectations of the Client.

At Digitalkod, as a strategy company, we believe that without an accurate diagnosis, no improvements can be achieved. Everything starts with understanding the goals and present situation, determining the strong and weak points of a particular process, and identifying areas that might be strengthened. All of this serves as a foundation for later strategic planning and execution.

Throughout the entire project, we analyzed:

  • the profitability of marketing activities in the area of lead generation (marketing ROI) across a variety of communication channels

  • marketing goals and metrics as well as related business and sales objectives

  • the method of collecting and monitoring data about the client acquisition process, including the effectiveness of generating leads at different stages of the customer journey

  • the marketing budget and its allocation

  • the cost of acquisition (CPA) and cost per lead (CPL), for MQLs, SQLs, and new deals,

  • marketing team management and alignment

  • marketing strategy foundations, and tactics used to achieve the above

Lead generation process optimization

If you have ever worked for the same company or in the same team for a long time, you probably know how easy it is to pick up certain habits or to consistently view tasks from the same perspective. Being external partners with experience in the IT industry, we contribute essential skills and maintain objectivity when analyzing the situation.

Thanks to Digitalkod’s independent marketing audit, Miquido was able to view marketing initiatives and lead generation from a different angle. They gained a deeper understanding of their situation at the time and identified problems that needed both immediate and long-term attention. The conclusions and recommendations from the digital analysis served as a starting point for further efforts and improvements aimed at achieving Miquido’s marketing and sales objectives.

Though strategy and preparation are at the core of what we do at Digitalkod, we think that without adequate execution, even the best plan won’t produce the desired outcomes. For this reason, we help tech companies scale up throughout the entire process: from research, through strategy creation and execution to team development.

After completing our analysis and submitting the report with an executive summary of the current state of the lead generation process and a list of recommendations, the collaboration continued. The people who took part in the project included more than 20 members of the Client’s staff, including the management team, marketing leads, the marketing-sales team, and Digitalkod’s side, the entire project team.

We have similar perspectives on strategic thinking, generating income, and figuring out how to gain a competitive edge for a mature software development company. As the project was coming to an end, we let our client know about further potential areas for optimization. The Miquido leadership was pleased to continue our partnership. We moved on to the implementation stage with Miquido’s internal team. Our strategy-marketing consultant engaged extensively with the company’s management and marketing leads, Head of Growth, and other team members to establish and further refine their processes and strategic approach across the marketing team. Experience has taught us that adopting this strategy can reduce avoidable errors and costs, foster knowledge-sharing, and generally increase the efficiency of upcoming marketing initiatives.


  • kick-off workshop

  • marketing research and individual interviews with the team

  • independent desk research and data collection

  • quantitative and qualitative data analysis

  • report with situation analysis and recommendations

  • consulting services for the marketing team and management

Thanks to the marketing audit that Anna Kreiser carried out for us, we were able to make decisions on the development of strategic areas in our marketing. Anna’s solid analytical skills, ability to work with data, and pursuit of the best solutions allowed us to see the good and the bad within our process. Professionalism, substance, and commitment are qualities that defined our collaboration.

I’m extremely grateful to Anna Kreiser and Digitalkod for the work they put into our project, as well as their focus on business and the strategic approach that they contributed to our company.

Miquido - Head of Growth

Anna Pietroń
Head of Growth at Miquido

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