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IT company?

Sunscrapers is a consultancy specializing in custom software development, full-stack web development, data engineering, and technical staff augmentation. Over the past 10 years, the company has delivered 250+ digital products used by clients all over the world.


Sunscrapers have managed not only to build a solid presence in the Polish IT market but also to gain trust among clients all over the world, whom they support as their partner in business. 

Despite the very dynamic growth rate of the organization and the high intensity of marketing activities, the client had noticed that its business potential is not fully utilized. Their marketing activities did not translate directly into sales and acquisition of new customers. The majority of inquiries came from recommendations, despite regular content marketing activities and cooperation with an SEO agency with the intention of generating sales leads. Significant traffic to their site was often not associated with reaching the right target audience which could lead to increasing the obtained number and quality of leads. Their priority was also to make decisions based on data. 

The company’s Management Board turned to DIGITALKOD for support in verifying the effectiveness of the already implemented activities, optimizing their processes, and structuring current marketing activities. The main goals for this cooperation were to increase the effectiveness of marketing, organize their processes, and obtain reproducible results as well as provide support in the integration of marketing and sales activities.

Solution & Process

The undertaken activities of a holistic nature included both the analysis of various scopes of activity and providing operational support in carrying out a marketing strategy. Due to the assumed goals for the cooperation, the focus on tools and tactics for inbound marketing was crucial, including the website, SEO, content, and email marketing. The basic assumption was not to achieve a mere increase of traffic on the website but to reach particular target audiences (markets) and designing the entire buyer journey. An increase in the number and quality of sales leads came as a consequence of the activities undertaken by the client.

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  • planning and setting up processes

  • marketing operations & optimization 

The first step in the cooperation was to carry out a current state analysis, which allowed for a broader understanding of current processes and tactics used in marketing their services, including means of obtaining leads using content marketing and their website. A similar audit helped us discover the reasons behind the lowered effectiveness of activities in particular areas.

At this stage, the main assumptions concerning marketing objectives, buyer personas relevant to the customer, and relevant to the sales process, and an action plan were also formulated. Such approach helped to translate the high-level concepts into operational activities and enabled the Sunscrapers marketing team members to better understand the nuances associated with the target audience of their communication, what elements are worth paying attention to depending on the type of recipient and how to match the conducted activities at every stage of the buyer’s journey to guide the client to a specific goal.

The Sunscrapers team played a key role in the process and was involved at every stage of the work. The role of DIGITALKOD was to draw up recommendations for changes, based on the conducted analyses and in accordance with the assumed objectives. The aim of the activities was not only to develop suggestions or optimize the existing process but also to support the client while they implement the change. A very important aspect of any project of this type is the development of good practices and knowledge transfer enabling to maintain the results and ensure the independence of the team after the project is completed.

A strategic and process framework for further actions was developed as a result of this close cooperation with the team on the client’s side and the strong commitment of Sunscrapers employees. With the support of DIGITALKOD, the client also carried out a number of operational activities – changes related to the expansion and optimization of the website, SEO, content, and email marketing, which led, among other things, to a multifold increase in traffic to the site, the number, and quality of sales leads.

This cooperation developed over a period of 6 months.

I recommend DIGITALKOD services in the scope of consulting and carrying out marketing strategies for technology companies. I am very much satisfied with the conduct and effects of our cooperation and I will certainly consider using the services of the company in our future projects.

Chairman of the Board - Sunscrapers

Łukasz Karwacki
Chairman of the Board & Co-founder Sunscrapers

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