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Case study: Pagepro

case study Pagepro x Digitalkod



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Growth in tech?

Pagepro is a software company focused on developing web and mobile applications using React and React Native, as well as IT staff augmentation. Since 2010, the company has been supporting startups, marketing agencies, and fast-scaling Software Houses and consulting companies on the British and American markets.

Challenge: number of quality leads in the sales pipeline

One of the primary challenges that many technology companies face – regardless of their stage of development – is generating quality leads and acquiring B2B clients in a systematic, process-driven way. An insufficient number and/or quality of leads in the sales pipeline effectively hinders growth and scaling of software agencies. Moreover, a number of tech companies have begun to face greater challenges in attracting customers and selling their services, both in the Polish and foreign markets, as a result of the current economic recession.

Pagepro’s CEO, an experienced entrepreneur, approached us to diagnose the reason for the sudden drop in the number of leads in the sales pipeline, and identify whether this is a result of the current market situation or an effect of some issues within the company itself. The main challenges were to accurately assess the baseline situation regarding the lead generation process and to identify the sources of problems based on the data available.

Solution: lead generation process analysis and consulting services

One of the goals of our cooperation with Pagepro was to analyze the lead generation process and the effectiveness of related marketing activities. The case was handled by an independent consultant with experience in the IT industry and understanding of marketing for software companies.

Together with Pagepro’s management, our consultant was able to identify gaps and weak points in their strategic planning and tactics by analyzing the process of acquiring B2B clients, which in turn helped recognize new opportunities for the software company. As a result, the client understood how to make better business decisions based on actual data. Although – due to the sheer scope of the required activities – only some of the improvements have been implemented, Pagepro has already observed an increase in the effectiveness of their marketing activities.

The analytical work and resulting optimizations addressed many areas of B2B marketing, including data analysis, SEO, web page optimization, content marketing, as well as building processes which have a direct impact on the effectiveness of marketing. Thanks to close and open communication oriented towards our IT client’s goals, we managed to identify what marketing competencies are missing in the in-house team and help employees’ develop them during additional consulting sessions at the implementation stage.

As for the people engaged in the process, Pagepro involved their Head of Marketing and Content Marketing Specialist, whereas Digitakod sent a dedicated B2B consultant, who was responsible for lead generation analysis and marketing advise.


Scope of analysis:

  • type and quality of collected data, including the configuration of analytics tools (i.e. Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console) and information available in the company’s CRM system (Pipedrive)

  • methods of measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of B2B marketing activities

  • sources of acquiring leads for a tech company

  • methods of attracting traffic to the site and conversion at each stage of the customer journey (lead > qualified lead > offer > deal)

  • use of marketing channels and tools for generating leads

  • marketing communication to target groups

  • marketing tactics used by the in-house team

  • impact of seasonality on the results

Every IT company is unique, even if it offers similar services or operates on the same foreign markets as their competitors. This is why such diagnoses and marketing analyses are always tailored to a specific company, taking into consideration their stage of development, marketing and business goals, as well as their individual needs. As a consulting company specializing in strategy and B2B marketing for software companies, we use our industry experience and benchmarks to support the planning and execution of our clients’ marketing and strategic initiatives.

The analytical process consisted of:

  • desk research

  • quantitative and qualitative data analysis

  • lead generation process analysis (for an IT company)

  • report with conclusions and recommendations for optimization

  • marketing consulting sessions Head of Marketing and team members

Working with Digitalkod has helped us understand how to approach marketing activities in a reasonable way. Additionally, thanks to the company’s involvement in the quality of created  content, we started being noticed in places that were previously out of our reach.

Thanks to Digitalkod CEO’s extensive knowledge and diligence, we managed to achieve some great results. And, what’s also important, we learned a lot.

Head of Marketing - Pagepro

Mariusz Marcak
Head of Marketing at Pagepro

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