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Case study: Move Closer

case study Move Closer x Digitalkod


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Software Agency?

Move Closer is a software development and consulting company focused on the eCommerce sector. It’s been operating since 2017 and has since served the most demanding corporate clients and rapidly growing organizations. 

Challenge: scaling software development company

Being responsible for the growth of a software company, executives and founders want to make sure that they’re making the best decisions for the future of their business. The constant development of a technology company, as well as the need to better respond to customer needs and changes in the competitive IT market, force organizations to both develop high adaptability and think strategically, with a long-term vision.

A C-level executive approached Digitalkod when Move Closer was evaluating possible development directions for the software development company, planning activities around foreign expansion, and further scaling of the business in the Polish market. At the same time, Move Closer planned the initiatives related to rebranding, building a new website, and intensifying communication with the market.

The cooperation consisted of 3 stages:

  • selecting the strategic direction that would be best suited to Move Closer and allow the company to make the most out of their potential,

  • strengthening the brand’s strategic positioning and choosing new market target groups with the highest potential,

  • making strategic decisions,

  • translating the decisions and goals into an action plan to be executed in the following months by the client’s team,

  • adjusting the chosen solutions to the company’s development stage, resources, and situation.

Results: data-driven decisions regarding growth of the tech company

The cooperation with Digitalkod:

  • decision-making process based on data and facts,

  • better understanding of the potential of the software company and the competitive environment in the British and Polish markets,

  • prioritization and implementation of activities with the greatest impact on results.

With the support of the external consulting company, Move Closer was able to improve the decision-making process and build strategic assumptions and actionable plans based on data. A combination of research, market analysis, and marketing consulting services helped to unlock the potential of an in-house marketing team. 

The scope of the cooperation revolved around strategic areas, however, during the consultations stage and in the first weeks of execution, Software development company gained new leads from a marketing channel that had previously been ineffective.

Solution: marketing analysis and consulting services

  • strategic workshop with the marketing and sales team and representatives of the management of Move Closer,

  • competitive analysis for the selected market,

  • consulting services – regular strategic and marketing consultations for the co-founder and the marketing team.

I strongly recommend cooperation with Anna Kreiser in the strategic area for IT services companies. Each Founder, Owner, C-Level executive, and a Sales or Marketing leader will derive value from such cooperation. In the landscape of smaller software companies (up to 50 FTEs), strategic competence is often the missing element, and Digitalkod’s input can help here.

Nicolas Czajkowski
Co-founder & Digital consultant at Move closer

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