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Marketing for Tech?

Appunite provides support in digital acceleration to scale–ups, enterprises, and other rapidly growing organizations, leveraging its extensive experience in building over 160 digital products.

The software company has been consistently named one of the fastest–growing firms in the Financial Times 1000 since 2020 and has twice received the “Forbes Diamond” award. Their team has collaborated on a range of projects for startups and large enterprises from across the globe, including the USA, Scandinavia, the UK, and the Middle East, and has worked with some prominent companies including TechCrunch, Starbucks, Allegro, and Fishbrain.

At the beginning of the collaboration with Digitalkod, their team consisted of 140 specialists.

Challenge: Recruiting an Experienced Marketing Leader for a Tech Company

Recruiting for management positions entails significant responsibility and challenges, particularly when a technology company lacks an in-house Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Head of Growth Marketing, or C-level executive with substantial experience in end-to-end marketing management. Even with the support of an exceptional HR Business Partner or C-level Executive, navigating this challenge alone can be daunting. 

It is not only important to select a manager with the right blend of marketing and IT background and experience, but also to hire a leader who is right for the company at a specific stage of the organization’s development, aligned with strategic or business challenges and goals, and with the company’s culture.

However, defining the ideal candidate profile, assessing substantive competencies, and comparing candidates’ diverse experiences and skills require extensive domain knowledge, an understanding of various marketing domains, and a background in marketing management—not merely marketing operations. Hiring even the best specialist but the wrong one for a specific technology company entails significant risks, costs (expert’s salary, cost of recruitment process, higher costs of operations and marketing budget), and delays in achieving desired outcomes.

At the time, Appunite lacked a Marketing Director or CMO in its management team, despite being led by seasoned and experienced leaders.

Solution: (RPO) Recruitment Process Outsourcing for Marketing Team

Digitalkod’s marketing consultant oversaw the entire recruitment process, including defining the ideal candidate profile, employer requirements, process coordination, competency evaluation, and advising the management team. Close collaboration with the Appunite HR team ensured the implementation of best practices, maintaining a positive candidate experience, and transferring knowledge about the company’s culture while upholding high-quality standards.

Results: Hiring a Marketing Manager with IT experience in a short period of time

The management team at Appunite decided to hire the first candidate who was recommended by Digitalkod, after passing the evaluation stage.


  • Hiring an experienced Digital Marketing Lead with a background in software development companies,  perfectly aligned with the client’s needs, goals, and organizational culture.

  • Minimized risks and faster implementation into the role.

  • Saving time and minimizing the involvement of C-level Executives.

  • Optimized costs.

  • Streamlined the recruitment process, with the involvement of the in-house HR team.

  • Facilitated knowledge transfer to the client’s team.

Process: Outsourcing and Coordination of the Marketing Leader Recruitment Process

The process involved:

  • Defining goals, needs, and expectations for the role.

  • Preparing position requirements and job offers.

  • Candidate sourcing and screening.

  • Coordination of the recruitment process and substantive evaluation (assessment of English language skills and marketing experience).

  • Providing feedback to candidates and the in-house HR team, along with recommending employment terms.

  • Supporting managers and the Board of Directors in decision-making processes.

Because of Digitalkod’s experience, we were able to choose a superb marketing leader who would align with our Software Company’s objectives and demands at this point in its development. In the process, my team gained a lot of knowledge.

The cooperation was excellent right from the start, from understanding of our demands to unwavering dedication during the entire hiring process. I appreciate their professionalism and candor!

Kinga Szałek - Recruitment Team Leader

Kinga Szałek

Recruitment Team Leader at Appunite

I had the pleasure of meeting Anna Kreiser during the recruitment process for the Digital Marketing Lead position, where she served as an external expert responsible for evaluating candidates’ B2B marketing expertise.

The process was demanding yet incredibly valuable. I felt that every minute was well spent. The unconventional questions and additional tasks allowed for a thorough examination of my competencies and alignment with the role’s requirements and the company’s organizational culture. This enabled me to assess potential areas for personal skill development and deepen my understanding of the challenges facing the individual who would assume this position. I have never encountered a recruitment stage that achieved so much in such a short time. Ultimately, I accepted a position at Appunite, and the insights gained from my conversation with Anna helped me quickly develop an appropriate action plan.

Błażej Cepil - Digital Marketing Lead

Błażej Cepil

Digital Marketing Lead at Appunite

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