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Collaborating with Anna Kreiser from Digitalkod has repeatedly exceeded my expectations. I have never before seen someone from outside the company add such value in such a short time. Thanks to Digitalkod, we finally formulated our final mission and vision and planned marketing activities that align with them.

I wish all consulting services were provided at the high level that Digitalkod ensures.

CEO Polcode
Wojciech Hyzopski, CEO of Polcode

Thanks to the market audit that Anna Kreiser carried out for us, we were able to make decisions on the development of strategic areas in our marketing. Anna’s solid analytical skills, ability to work with data, and pursuit of the best solutions allowed us to see the good and the bad within our process. Professionalism, substance, and commitment are qualities that defined our collaboration.

I’m extremely grateful to Anna Kreiser and Digitalkod for the work they put into our project, as well as their focus on business and the strategic approach that they contributed to our company.

Miquido - Head of Growth
Anna Pietroń, Head of Growth at Miquido

We have stumbled upon challenges with marketing scalability due to organizational and domain debt we’ve collected throughout years of dynamic scaling.

Thanks to collaboration with Ania from Digitalkod, we’ve been able to dissect and categorize problems and challenges much faster and in a more educative manner than we would have been able to ourselves. A perspective and unbiased opinion from someone with Ania’s experience was truly helpful and we will definitely come back for more.

AppUnite - Head of Opearations
Andrzej Wyduba, Head of Operations at AppUnite

Our collaboration with Digitalkod started with a marketing audit that concluded with a detailed report substantiated with data. We also entrusted them with building our internal marketing team and took advantage of their advisory support. Anna Kreiser collaborated with me and other Polcode leaders and C-level Executives, excellently fulfilling her role as a B2B marketing strategy expert and advisor to the Management Board. Thanks to her broad experience in strategy and marketing management, data-based arguments, and a positive attitude, we successfully implemented necessary changes at the marketing and company levels.

I am extremely satisfied with the results of our collaboration and highly recommend the company to others.

Board Member at Polcode
Małgorzata Pająk, Board Member, Polcode

I recommend Digitalkod services in the scope of consulting and carrying out marketing strategies for technology companies. I am very much satisfied with the conduct and effects of our cooperation and I will certainly consider using the services of the company in our future projects.

Luke Karwacki, Co-founder - Sunscrapers
Luke Karwacki, Chief Strategy Officer & Cofounder at Sunscrapers
Cooperation with Anna Kreiser who represents Digitalkod was very fruitful for our company. The meetings were very focused and based on proven tools and methods. Anna helped us to better understand our marketing strategy. Thanks to her knowledge and experience, we were able to discover our competitive advantages. Anna Kreiser is extremely effective in sharing knowledge and motivating us to take action. I strongly recommend Digitalkod as an expert in marketing and strategy for software companies.

Jan Pisuła - CEO, Netinteractive
Jan Pisuła, CEO at Netinteractive

Thanks to the collaboration with Digitalkod, I knew we were headed in the right direction.

Digitalkod’s vast knowledge and experience in the IT industry helped us transform our business at the organizational level, which I’m very pleased with. We started thinking and acting strategically and built a solid foundation for marketing. Their engagement and ability to align with our business needs at every stage of our cooperation are truly impressive.

CEO, sky gate
Chris Parjaszewski, CEO at sky gate

I found Anna’s consulting offering via personal recommendation, which guaranteed me some level of service quality. However, Anna was able to go extra miles and exceeded my expectations multiple times. I would like to recommend Anna as a trustworthy, proactive, goal-oriented strategic advisor, able to quickly understand company-level goals and successfully decompose them into tactical level. She was able to work independently, crashing communication silos, searching for root causes and keeping in mind what’s best in a long term. She is a skilled strategy-oriented expert with great expertise in B2B marketing.  Anna is able to simplify over-engineered processes, and what is extremely exceptional is that Anna was able to became natural authority, being followed by employees of an organization she advised.

Kamil Sabatowski, C-level Executive
Kamil Sabatowski, Tech Venture Builder

I strongly recommend cooperation with Anna Kreiser in the strategic area for IT services companies. Each Founder, Owner, C-Level executive, and a Sales or Marketing leader will derive value from such cooperation. In the landscape of smaller software companies (up to 50 FTEs), strategic competence is often the missing element, and Digitalkod’s input can help here.

Nicolas Czajkowski, Move Closer
Nicolas Czajkowski, C-level Executive at Move Closer

Digitalkod helped our company understand how should we think about marketing, what type of short and long-term actions should we undertake, and how to find our competitive advantage and develop it. Anna Kreiser has wonderful teaching skills and is able to motivate to hard work on implementing ideas found together during a workshop.

We would definitely like to use the expertise of Digitalkod in the future.

Michał Śliwoń - Codeclusive
Michael Śliwoń, CEO at Codeclusive

I am very satisfied with the outcomes of our collaboration with Digitalkod. We saved a ton of time because of their thorough comprehension of the software development company ecosystem and our requirements, as well as the comprehensive evaluation carried out by a marketing expert. Above all, the perfect marketing leader joined our team.  

Michał Śliwoń - Codeclusive
Peter Bernad, Head of Services, Appunite

Working with Digitalkod has helped us understand how to approach marketing activities in a reasonable way. Additionally, thanks to the company’s involvement in the quality of created content, we started being noticed in places that were previously out of our reach.

Thanks to Digitalkod CEO’s extensive knowledge and diligence, we managed to achieve some great results. And, what’s also important, we learned a lot.

Head of Marketing, Pagepro
Mariusz Marcak, Head of Marketing at Pagepro
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